Charitable Donations

If you are considering donating to our cause please note that we only accept money that has been acquired legitimately. Money acquired by dealing in impermissible activities, deception, lying, cheating, misrepresentation, acting as false witness, extortion, breach of trust is not welcome as donation to our charity. If you would like to make a donation via a direct bank transfer our bank details are Royal Bank of Scotland, Sorting code: 162204; Account no.: 11093352; IBAN: GB91RBOS16220411093352; BIC: RBOSGB2L If you would like to apply for financial assistance from our charity please contact us via the contact form or send an email with brief details of why you or your organisation needs financial assistance and we will send you an application form if deemed appropriate. Our email is [email protected] or [email protected]
I declare that the donation I am making is from money acquired by legitimate means according to the law of the land and according to Islamic principles.
Please note that currently we only accept donations for the above listed categories. If your donation is for any other purpose such as Qurbani, fidya, kaffara etc. please do not make such donation to us but instead make your donation to some other charitable organisation which handles these kind of donations.