Our mission:
We aim to donate 100% of what you donate plus the the Gift Aid* claimed on your donation, that is potentially up to a maximum of 125%.


What we do

Over the last quarter of a century, the number of charities in the U.K. has mushroomed, this includes Muslim/ Islamic charities. Many people, including the founders of Wrentham Aid charitable Trust, have become disillusioned with many of the operating methods of these charities. Many charities have become like industrial businesses. A considerable portion of the actual donations are used for promotion and self perpetuation, the actual amounts involved can be very large indeed.


We are a group of higher professionals who have set up this charity as a charitable trust structure, which is the most Shariah compliant structure for charity.

The management team dedicate some of their spare time in running and managing this charity, Wrentham Aid Charitable Trust, with the help of volunteers.

Management team